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Benefits of using Scale Free Systems 

What is the determining factor of value in your facility with a water treatment program? Is it the cost of implementation, water cost, energy cost, maintenance, equipment depreciation, capital expenditures, or safety? Of course one could make an argument for each of these. To achieve all of these, one needs to have good control over the system that runs in the facility. The Scale Free System is the only non-chemical system on the market that can help you reach your goals in all of these areas regardless of the makeup water being used in the facility. If this were true of other systems, they would not limit their applications to only a specific range of existing conditions.

Imagine never having to worry about federal/state environmental regulations, the handling/storage of hazardous chemical onsite, the constant battle of monitoring your heat exchange systems to balance the water chemistry, the recurring expense of chemicals, and the annual acid cleaning and rodding of tube... just to name a few!

Save money on blow down water costsThe Scale Free System is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE and CHEMICAL FREE! With your system operating free of chemicals, your facility will no longer be subject to a monthly sewer charge for the blowdown water. Your facility will use considerably less water and less electrical power. Those savings can all be accurately measured and will provide our basis for your cost savings. Since the Scale Free System will also clean out the existing scale from your system, the heat transfer process of your system will improve. Subsequently there will be less loading of the chillers and there will be less wear and fewer breakdowns. More efficient operating conditions will result in extending the life of the chillers, and the cleansing of the piping and other surface areas result in less deterioration, extending the useful life of the entire water cooling system.

If your facility purchases water and sewer services from a municipal or public utility, reducing blowdown and make-up water requirements will trigger a series of resource and cost savings from those utilities. If you operate your own water/wastewater treatment facilities, reducing blowdown and make-up water requirements will allow your facility to realize volume benefits. Many municipal sewer agencies will charge extra sewage fees for accepting the water because the blowdown water contains hazardous chemicals and other organic material that must be treated. Discharge of the blowdown water to the environment on site is coming under increasing EPA regulation due to the contaminants typically found in blowdown water.

The Energy Efficient, Highly Reliable Chemical Free Water Treatment Solution

The Scale Free System is the best choice for reliable, sustainable water treatment. Through its superior design and engineering principles, use of the Scale Free System results in significant water and energy savings. In addition, Scale Free's chemical-free solution is a significantly lower cost than the operating expense of standard chemical treatment options.

Because the Scale Free System eliminates scale and biofilm, you're ensured optimal heat transfer efficiency and, therefore, maximum energy savings. The Scale Free's simple, elegant design, installation, and operation provides superior performance, increased reliability and reduced operating costs (OPEX).

The major concerns for all users of water with the purpose of thermal transfer are:

  • Cost Effectiveness of Water Treatment
  • Energy Savings
  • Water Savings
  • Environmentally Safe

The Scale Free System meets all four criteria for effective water treatment through control of scale/corrosion/biological growth for thermal transfer efficiency.

The Department of Energy has published several reports confirming that the elimination of chemicals is only part of the savings realized by the non-chemical process. An estimated calculation indicates a payback of less than one year and an adjusted internal rate return greater than 50%. Non-chemical water treatment technologies were judged life-cycle cost-effective (at one or more Federal sites) in terms of installation cost, net present value, and energy savings.

The Scale Free System Advantages and Cost Effective Solutions

  • Eliminates all chemical costs (transportation, storage, installation, monitoring and disposal).
  • Significant savings of water and the opportunity to reuse your discharge water.
  • Lower operation and energy costs as a result of more efficient heat transfer with the elimination of scale and biofilm throughout the system.
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance and down-time on heat exchange equipment and extends the useful life on all system components through continuous cleansing.
  • Greatly reduces sewer charges for discharged water as it is no longer toxic.
  • Dramatically reduces the volume of water used by eliminating the "blowdown loss".
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