History of Scale Free Systems

The Scale Free System was first developed in 1972 by an engineer named Len Vollman.  In 1992, Mr. Vollman sold the company to Bob Meeh, owner of RF Meeh Company, a St. Louis mechanical contracting and sheet metal fabricating company.  Since 1992, Scale Free Systems has redesigned and re-engineered the products into what Scale Free Systems has become today.

The Scale Free System uses the science of physics, not chemistry to operate all heat evaporation equipment more efficiently and sustainably, reducing operating costs and extending the longevity of equipment.  New control panels were been introduced in early 2014 which feature web based reporting and monitoring. Scale Free Systems started with a local customer base in St. Louis, and has now grown to include customers in 9 different states and international installations in Mexico and Africa.

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"The system works great.  The downtime we used to have has gone away!"
Dave Sweetman
The Alton Telegrapher

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